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  1. Bi-quarterly Journal of Islamic Political Studies, based on Resolution 573 on July 6, 2008 of the Supreme Council of Islamic Seminaries and after the evaluation of the Scientific Publications Commission, with the approval of the Council for Granting Scientific Licenses and Privileges in the meeting on August 23, 2022, has obtained the scientific-research rank.
  2. According to the single article of the resolution of the 625 meeting on June 10, 2008 of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, "The Resolutions of the Supreme Council of the Qom Islamic Seminary regarding the granting of scientific privileges, the establishment of scientific associations, scientific centers and research units, as well as the privileges of theorizing, criticism and debate sessions and free thinking in Islamic Seminary has official validity and is the founder of legal privileges in universities and Islamic seminaries.


Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, July 2023 

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